The Kolmhof cuisine

Fresh, regional und culinary delights

Do you know the Carinthian specialties Kärntner Kasnudeln, Erdäpfelrauggn or Sterzmuas? No? That’s good – then you will experience moments of indulgence at Hotel Kolmhof. Culinary delicacies are simply a part of the perfect holiday. The Kolmhof cuisine pampers you. Naturally, we attach great importance to regional products. As a prelude to the variant main courses, you may help yourself at the appetizer buffet. You will be amazed by the taste of our Carinthian specialties, conjured up by our kitchen staff. Moreover, we will indulge you with international dishes. Remember leaving room for something sweet! Our desserts delights once more.

Highlights of Carinthian cuisine

Sterzmuas, Erdäpflrauggn, Käsrauggn, Rumplernudl, Kärntner Kasnudel, Kärntner Brennsupp’n

The restaurant

We reach up and get culinary stars from the sky for you and wish for you to feel comfortable in our premises. In the so-called “Kolmhof-“ and “ Kaiserburg Stube” a cozy atmosphere will come up – just perfect for a glass of wine. In our dining room, a multitude of buffet variants awaits you. The bar area with an open chimney is ideal for a last nightcap, and especially popular in the cold winter months. Do also visit our wine bar. Beautiful wines from selected Austrian and Italian winemakers are stored here – but also several red wines from Spain, California, Argentina and Australia will spoil your palates.

  • Kolmhof-Stube
  • Kaiserburg-Stube
  • Dining room
  • Bar area with open chimney
  • Wine bar
  • Cozy corners to relax

Culinary Nights – an ode to regionality

Every fall, the Culinary Nights take place in Bad Kleinkirchheim – a summit of good taste. The kick-off for this indulgence event is the hike into the Culinary Night: along the culinary hiking path, one course of a regional menu will be served at each of the four locations. An unforgettable experience!

Furthermore, the „Genussland Carinthia” producers invite to a bazaar for tastings every Friday and Saturday. A real treat for the palate if you appreciate real, regional products. The hotels serve fantastic menus at that time because the focus is on the preparation of these products. The kitchen staff is encouraged to peak performances, which is mirrored in the guests’ delights.

Kolmhof special for 2020

Be surprised by the fantastic menus that our kitchen chef Marco will create for you at these weekends!

Cuisine in Bad Kleinkirchheim

Every tourist’s dream is a rustic hut with a nostalgic lounge, thick walls, and charming furniture made of pine wood. This dream has matured over the past decades and centuries.  Tempting scents drift from the small kitchen into the lounge.  It smells like savory home cooking – like dishes that have been passed on and cherished by farmers for generations. Only regional, fresh ingredients go into the pots and pans. The meat and the hearty cheese are from the local famers’ own production. Sounds like a story about the good old times? Far from it.


We cook properly today – like in those good old times

Here in the Nockberge mountains in and around Bad Kleinkirchheim we cook properly – authentically and regionally – to this day. We love and cherish our own cuisine. With stern eyes and the skilled palate of the locals it succeeds especially well. Because they know best what is real and of high quality.