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Sweat, detoxify, and relieve stress

You are washed out after sports or you come back from a bitterly cold yet wonderful day of skiing into the holiday hotel Kolmhof? Then be whisked away into the hot rooms of our Kolmhof SPA. A hot bath in our sweat lodge can do a lot good after sports and is, moreover, a preventive flu protection. We invite you to try our “sweatboxes” in the Kolmhof SPA and to make use of one of the most beautiful wellness areas in Bad Kleinkirchheim for your physical well-being. Fight the flu, a cold etc.! The Kolmhof sauna world is open daily from 2 PM.

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Turkish steam grotto, Finnish sauna, light sauna & saunarium, infrared cabin, sauna

Turkish steam grotto

The Turkish steam grotto is a special type of steam bath, which had been popular with the old Romans, the Greek, and the Ottomans. Unlike in a sauna, there is a high humidity of 100 per cent, whereby the temperature is about 45°C. The body is wrapped in water in the shape of a steam cloud. You breathe in the warm steam and your breath will soothe. Therefore, the Turkish steam grotto is especially recommended in cases of respiratory problems. The delight of a steam bath is also beneficial for your general well-being. Through strong sweating at a humidity of 100 per cent the body frees itself from toxins.

The perfect steam bath

Warm up for the first 15 minutes in the steam bath, ideally in a seated position or half reclining. Then cool down, a cold shower revitalizes your body. Now a short rest of about 15 minutes is recommended. After that, treat yourself with another 15 minutes in the Turkish steam grotto and repeat the cold shower.

Finnish sauna

Wrapped in your soft bath robe, move on to the Finnish sauna. With the bath robe you cast off the cold and every-day stress and you open your pores and your head for a sauna session at the Kolmhof SPA. The heat of the sauna-classic per se is about 75° und 110° C – here, you really work up a sweat. Get comfortable on the wooden benches and enjoy as many infusions as you feel like. But think about refilling your water reservoir: The rule of thumb is that one loses about one liter of sweat during two or three sauna sessions.

Health miracle sauna

Sweating is healthy. We know that. In a sauna we can stimulate our immune system through the constant change of hot and cold. Through the increase of the body temperature of about 2 degrees, the body generates more immune cells. The perfect prophylaxis against colds.

Sweating a lot deprives the body of water, and not just that: with the loss of fluids, slags and toxins are transported from the human tissue, which stimulates purification. Through the heat in a sauna the circulation is boosted – which helps to loosen irritating tensions. Adieu, neck pain!

Light sauna & Saunarium

Heat can be exhausting. Thus, there are some “light” alternatives in the Kolmhof sauna world for sauna lovers: the light sauna and the Saunarium. Here, temperatures range from 60°C to 90°C – perfect for sauna newbies.

Light sauna: Fight the winter blues

You are feeling a bit listless or could sleep all day long? Of course, it is sometimes also pleasant to relax and retreat, especially in the winter. However, if you feel like this more often, we recommend our light sauna: then, the winter blues does not have a chance. The light therapy helps to ease the lack of light in the cold fall and winter months and does not let depressive moods come up. The various colors of light vitalize the spirits and simply feel good. Take the colors in!

  • Blue is soothing and ensures relaxation
  • Green has a harmonizing and regenerating effect
  • Yellow lifts the spirits and ensures a positive attitude to life
  • Red activates and stimulates the circulation

Hot-air bath in the Saunarium

If you opt for a sauna visit for the first time, the Saunarium – also called organic sauna – is the perfect start for you. Pleasant low temperatures of about 60°C and a constant humidity invite you to stay for about 30 minutes in the organic sauna.  The combination of steam bath and sauna is perfect for sauna newbies or for visitors with a weaker circulation system.

Infrared cabin

A hike in the Nockberge mountains can be exhausting – sometimes you feel your sore muscles afterwards. Or have you forgotten to stretch before skiing? Then spoil your body and use our infrared cabin. The pleasant penetration releases tensions, the metabolism is stimulated, and the immune system is strengthened. Heat that goes deep. The positive effect of the infrared cabin is out of question. It does not only take effect on the surface, but also up to 4 cm deep. Through the special in-depth effect, the pleasant heat of the infrared rays reaches the muscle tissue, relieves tensions, helps against muscle strains, distensions, and joint inflammations, such as rheumatism or arthritis.

Sauna – for more vitality and well-being

Plan a pleasant wellness day at the Kolmhof SPA sauna world during your holidays. Book a relaxing massage after the sauna sessions at one of our well-being experts. Think about drinking enough before going to the sauna. A glass of water, tea, or fruit juice awaits you at the Kolmhof SPA.